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Finding secret of making elegant silk scarves, Closing to factory--Digital Printing

We just see how fashion and elegant it is ,when we wear silk scarf ,but seldom people know how to make this beautiful silk sarf,
Today I will take you into the world of silk- making ,Actually Every process should be careful, if not ,it would get some issues like weft oblique ,uneven color ,satin etc.
In order to make you more viviid understanding of the process of making scarves, i will show you throough the follwing steps.
First step :Silk Fabric Pigment ratio
This is most important step , radio of pigment will decide the final effect of silk scarf appearance
Second step:Silk  Fabric Screen Print
in this process , the work will use pad to make various patterns on it (flower, buiding,animal,etc)
Third step:Silk Fabric Steaming

The purpose of Steaming is to fix color
Fourth step:Silk Fabric Washing
Well ,wahing is to away floating color 
Fifth  step:Silk Fabric softening
this process worker will add softner to make the silk more sofer,more comfotable and texture
Sixth step:Silk Fabric Drying
Seventh step: Silk 
Fabric QC
Quality Controller will check all silk fabric to assure silk quality
latersilk will be made like silk scarf, silk shawl etc.
Okay ,That is all for today ,i will write a sequel about the finished silk scarf,
see ya~~