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why Silk Scarf is expensive

Silk, the national treasure and culture heritage has been well-known for its elegant quality since it was created in China HuaXia and travelled abroad along the Silk Road 5000 years ago.

Actually , when people preise thst you look great tied with silk scarf ,or your silk scarf are very beatutiful, you maynot focus on which brand silk scarf come from, how much price you spend , you can show off the amazing details.

Different value of the scarf in addition to the design, printing and dyeing and material on the obvious differences, the quality of hand-curling also determine their worth, a scarf quality is good or bad from this place can be a look out. A texture of the scarf will not be in the "curling" this thing had too. Like a beautiful purse will never use cheap hardware accessories to take.

Machine curling pin out, and some easy off line, can not get rid of mechanized stiff feeling, the direction of the pin is not exactly the same, the distance is not symmetrical, curling loose soft collapse.. The whole seems to lack a sense of sophistication

While the hand-rolled hemming in the production, the more attention is the quality rather than the output, each hand is Need for curling, 90 degrees angle edge, very ingenuity, the workers can only curl half piece an hour, Orderly, the interval between each needle is almost the same, the curl is tight and firm, the thickness is uniform, the main color of the scarf and the curling color are not the same, the side rolled up showing a kind of frame effect, and the curling width is consistent , Pin perfectly is hidden.

Technology can not be refined overnight, we often say "ingenuity", engaged in the work of the skewers, need have more patience and meticulous ability to understand than ordinary people . There are no shortcuts to master this technique, and some are just over time.

After the curling is completed, a square scarf "from 0 to 1" of the creative process is considered the end. High-quality scarves, starting from the design of the topic, the entire birth process takes an average of 1.5-2 years.

Selection of the original ecological quality silk, containing protein fiber, can play to keep the skin moist, smooth effect , fashion printing embellishment, filling the beautiful and elegant woman unique atmosphere, style to simple, fine, it is a sense of grade

Feel soft and silky, supple and rich texture, drape stick , selected natural silk fabric made of, really create delicate soft, skin-friendly breathable, do air-conditioning shawl, sunscreen scarves, any match, embellishment Flowers, to avoid monotonous dull, add Smart witty sense.

Jumping the color of the interpretation of the jump geometry, in the wearing of things, showing a rich visual effects, exquisite thin machine curling, show a small square more elegant, delicate craft, show extraordinary fashion quality, add some elegant The overall shape adds distinctive details.

There is always something,
You will ask,
Why is it so expensive?
such as
A pair of clothes, a pair of shoes, a cell phone, a car,
A dish, a bag, a cup, a pen,
Or a scarf ...

in fact,
Expensive is high, heavy weight, worthy of treasure and attention,
You can also describe the importance of a person in society, superiority, and criticality.

Expensive, except for its own value
How much do you know about it in the end?
How much weight does it have in your mind?
How many irreplaceable are unique
How much is worth your money out of the money
If there is an answer
In fact, expensive
There is no need for a reason

Not a scarf label
If you understand
You will naturally know
Why it is so expensive